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Our History


Foundation of the library of the Missionary Association of St. Francis Xavier (later to be referred to as: International Catholic Mission Society missio e.V.) in Aachen with the aim to provide the members of the Association as well as the clergymen from outside with a collection of missionary and colonial literature. "The use of this library by all interested parties, especially by the parish clergy of various regions, justifies its existence."1)


Establishment of a reference library for the newly founded Institute of Missiology missio e.V. (commonly referred to as: MWI).


Extension of the library through the addition of a new division called "documentation" assuming the function of collecting newspaper clippings as well as Grey Literature, i.e. scriptures that are not distributed via bookstores.


Merging of the book inventories of the reference library of the MWI and the library of missio.


Introduction of an electronic integrated library system with the aim of descriptive and subject cataloguing of the different documents in the library and documentation. Up to this date, the cataloguing of the inventory was still effected via a card catalogue. For this card catalogue, index cards that provided information, inter alia about publications, were created and were filed in card index boxes.


Move of missio and the Institute of Missiology into the new premises in Goethestraße 43 and merging of the inventories of the library and the documentation.


Introduction of a new software (STAR) in order to meet the increasing requirements concerning the dissemination of information.


Takeover of the book collections of the mission library of the Jesuits (Domus Scriptorum) located in the Lennéstraße in Bonn as a permanent loan.

Domus Scriptorum
Foundation of Domus Scriptorum in Maria Laach: editorial library of the journal "Stimmen aus Maria Laach (later to be referred to as: "Stimmen der Zeit")
Banishment of the library to the Benelux countries and foundation of the journal "Die Katholischen Missionen (commonly referred to as: KM)"
separation of the libraries of "KM" and "Stimmen der Zeit"

Renaming of the library to "mikado - Missionsbibliothek und katholische Dokumentationsstelle".


Going online of an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Researching literature is now possible from outside the library's premises.


Cooperation of 'Die Sternsinger' e.V. and missio e.V. in the field of library work. The library and documentation of 'Die Sternsinger' e.V. becomes a part of mikado.


Library system transition from STAR to STAR | Libraries and going online of a new OPAC with extended functions.

1 ) Schückler, Georg: Die Missionsbibliothek des Päpstlichen Werkes der Glaubensverbreitung (Zentrale Aachen) in: Euntes docete, 21<1968>, p. 361-365

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